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About Us

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Our Journey

Ixoria embarked its journey in the year 2016 with aim to bring convenience in our lives. We are included with several smart devices and solutions in the electronics, the design, the software and the experience- quite literally, to fulfil the vision of re-imagining and re-engineering our homes.

We came with smart switches & Retrofit solutions with unique prototype that consisted of a smart Switches and IP camera. This incorporated within itself various sensors and the learning feature.

Ixoria Technologies is the Proud Channel Partner of Cubical Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in November 2013, by the bright minds of IIT Guwahati, India.

Our Vision

Homes are integral part of our lives-the very nucleus around which our lives revolve. We, at Ixoria, believe our home is not just a place to live but it’s a feeling & our proud. It is not just a shelter but a sanctuary for us and our loved ones.

our home became a hub of motion detector and technologies after the technologicarevelution which saved us both time and effort required for our countless day to day chores, making our lives - and homes- more comfortable and technical sound .

At Ixoria, we commited to bring the change. We commited to make our your thoughtful such that they can understand our preferences, they can take care of our machines and our regular interactions with them. We aim to empower our homes such that they can love us back and can truly afford us the luxury of time. When we leave the house we always feel uncomfortable due to insecurity but here we commited to provide control of your home on your fingure tips.

“We are committed to convert your home to smart home learn and understand our preferences, tune our appliances to respond to our needs, take care of us and keep us safe.”

Our Presence

Client Testimonials

Very happy with service and the guidance provided by Ixoria Technologies. Customer service was very good and quite personal with one point of contact.

- Rajan Kumar, Agra

It was and still is very nice to work with Ixoria Technologies. The team is very polite and has given me quick answers, always trying to meet our needs. The quality of the work is very good!

- Amit Khurana, Meerut