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Cubical Master

Cubical Master

Our master unit can be placed on the wall. It connects to your Wi-Fi Network and interacts with our Cubical Mobile App.

The Cubical Master is a 4 inch box that runs all the complex algorithms for the commands that the user gives while operating on the smartphone application. Exquisitely designed, it is very easy to install. It acts like a central hub for all our home automation products and interacts with all other switches to control the devices. With the informative display indicator, you can easily determine the status of the Cubical Master.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • The Central Hub & Processing Unit
  • Supports IP Cameras, AURA, Hex, Tri & Mono switch modules
  • Works on 2.4 GHz Cube-R Protocol
  • 16 GB internal memory expandable up to 32 GB
  • 1.2 GHz Broadcom 64-bit Quad Core Processor
  • In-built Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE )
  • In-built Wi-Fi supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n Standard
  • Latency of 200 milliseconds for up to 25 switch modules
  • LED Indicator for quick status & notification
  • Security : WPA, WPA2 (Wi-Fi) , RSA 256-bit & AES 128-bit Encryption
  • Power Rating : 5 V, 2.4 Amps

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Client Testimonials

Very happy with service and the guidance provided by Ixoria Technologies. Customer service was very good and quite personal with one point of contact.

- Rajan Kumar, Agra

It was and still is very nice to work with Ixoria Technologies. The team is very polite and has given me quick answers, always trying to meet our needs. The quality of the work is very good!

- Amit Khurana, Meerut