Ixoria Technologies

Cubical Master

S - Safe

M - Modernize

A - Aligned

R - Ready to take Command

T - Technoperfection

Cubical Master

Ixoria Technologies define the SAMRT as Safe, Modernize, Aligned, Ready to take Command and Technoperfection,

Ixoria will convert home to SAMRT home which is Technocrat & ready to take your commands to take predefined actions, with Ixoria your home become safer and always have active control of your home on your fingertips. With Ixoria automation you will feel immense pleasure in living Smart Home

Smart Home is not just Smart by name but it actual mean. How, Ixoria tells you………………… Want to feel 5 star hospitality at your home it can be there our smart home gives you smart lights which are dimmable, colors change as per mood. Perfect ambiance as per your need. Summers of India Really tough to handle, Ixoria smart solutions gives control of your AC and your cooling devices on your phone, sounds good. Yes that can be happen with our smart solutions. Smart is not just control but it is safe too, Ixoria gives complete surveillance of your home too with our smart integrated IP cameras, Now your home surveillance is on your phone.

With our smart solutions we provide smart IP cameras, Smart Door locks and Smart Switches integrated on your phone our smart application which is the safest and secure. Here Ixoria tells you with smart words “Just considering that you are sleeping in your room and someone on your main door comes with predetermined mindset, and as he comes in front of your main door the lights will get open by their own. Considering one more example that you are coming to spend such a lovely vacations in the valley of Himalayas and no one is in your home and temperature of outside is touching 50 degree centigrade, think when you reach at your home does your room temperature are immense enough to welcome you.

Ixoria welcomes you to the new era of Safe, Modernize, Aligned, Ready to take command and Technocrat i.e. SMART World of expectations. We give customized solutions as you demand we serve…………

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Client Testimonials

Very happy with service and the guidance provided by Ixoria Technologies. Customer service was very good and quite personal with one point of contact.

- Rajan Kumar, Agra

It was and still is very nice to work with Ixoria Technologies. The team is very polite and has given me quick answers, always trying to meet our needs. The quality of the work is very good!

- Amit Khurana, Meerut